Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Go see this film. Really. It’s good.

Oh, you want more than that, do you? Demanding.

I’ll try to stay away from any spoilers beyond the trailer.

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Boy is told he can’t be with her. Boy says screw that.

While there are religious tones in the film, they’ve been very careful not to put them in any conventional terms. And you won’t see Aslan anywhere. Is that a spoiler? Saying that a lion won’t be in the film? Oh well, there’s no Liam Neeson credit, so I think I’m good.

It’s a romance. But it’s a romance that has /strong/ fantasy elements.

It has some strong acting in it. Terence Stamp does his customary good turn, in his role. Sympathetic bad guys can be hard to pull off. But the film manages it. To the point your will feel sorry for at least the first main two.

Again, go see it.

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