If you think this is a movie about delicious hunks of beef, cooked medium rare and served with sides, but no sauce, you’re A: wrong, and B: making me hungry.

This is a movie about vampires and vampire hunters, set in a recently post-apocalyptic USA. These aren’t sparkly vampires they’re dumb. As in mostly brain dead, brought down to a feral state.

The film is structured as a road movie, with the two main protagonists on their way to New Eden, as Canada seems to now be called. It’s about the trip, rather than the destination. Feels a lot like The Road, with less naked Viggo, and more travel by car (and more vampires, duh). Not trying to save the world. Just get somewhere. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t waste your time. It’s only very intermittently actiony.

Visually it’s very good. Bleak, but not formless. There are plenty of run down factories to shoot in 😉 The audio is pretty much the same.

I do recommend seeing it, but it’s the kind of film I’d see once.