Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Classification: Bug dumb summer action movie, with giant robots.

And with the classification above, I’m giving the film [rating=5] stars.

I went to see it in 3D, which was good. Mild headache at the end, but that’s livable with. Gave depth to the film without resorting to ‘fling random stuff at the audience’

The plot, such as it was, was surprisingly deep for this kind of film. Not just a ‘Get the mcguffin, save the girl’. A good surprising at that. While I don’t watch this kind of movie for the plot, it’s nice to see it when they put it in. Now, I’ve seen some reviews saying it’s nonsensical, but I get the feeling that they weren’t actually paying attention. There might have been a couple of odd decisions being made, but other than those, each thing that happened was built properly from something that happened before it.

Nice to see a film with a few ties into history, too, with the Apollo program and Chernobyl both being mentioned.

The voice acting for the Transformers themselves was as good as always. Peter Cullen has such a reassuring voice. And who can complain about Leonard Nimoy?

It is somewhat more violent than the previous films (as I remember them, at least), with people being killed on screen. Might not be bloody, but you do get someone being shot, and their, now bleached white, skull bouncing on the pavement. Might be an idea to see it before you take the kids. just so you can judge their reaction.

I enjoyed it. A good return to form after the mess of the second film.