Day in life 2-12-2010

Just got round to something I should have done over a month ago. Installed some secondary glazing film on my bathroom window.

To give you a little background, most of my windows are double glazed, so they don’t suffer too badly from condensation. However, my back windows are single glazed, and the first winter I was in this flat, the back windows streamed water. So, I bought what is sold as secondary glazing film. It worked well on the bedroom window, but I didn’t have enough for the bathroom. Kept meaning to buy some more, but never got round to it. This year, I did.

It’s pretty simple stuff, really. First, get the window as dry as you can. Then, stick the double sided tape round the frame. The bathroom window was a little more difficult, as it doesn’t have a lower edge, just butting directly onto the sill. Just needed to wrap the tape around though, so it had no gaps. Then, stick the film on, cutting to a bit bigger than needed first. Not the easiest of things to do, only being a little less flexible and self-sticky than clingfilm. The good news is, you don’t need to care too much about the finish, because the last step (bar trimming the edge past the tape) is using a hairdryer on it. It’s the only reason I have one. When you heat it, it shrinks, tightening up against the tape and removing most of the imperfections.

It’s not as good, over all, as double glazing, but it’s good with dealing with condensation, with only a little interruption to whatever view you have. Course, on frosted glass, that’s not a probem ;). Still have to do the upper portion, but this should help. And the pack of silica gel I tossed in before sealing it up should help more.

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