Review: Thor


Maybe it was just a bad 3D set-up – the credits were a bit out of focus – but you may want to just watch this in 2D. Though IMAX would likely be substantially better.

Onto the review. Space Vikings! Hammy space Vikings! Well, I liked it a lot. Like all spoiler light reviews (nothing more than the trailer) I can’t go into much detail, but it works. Anthony Hopkins did a wonderful job of being Odin AllFather, bringing a great deal of presence to the roll. Thor was well depicted as first the headstrong, arrogant youth and then growing wiser. Well I guess that could be a spoiler, but if you didn’t see it coming, you need to read more. It’s far from an uncommon trope.

Good film, with what was probably a good 3D implementation, unfortunately damaged by, I suspect, poor implementation at the theatre. It avoided gimmicky ‘throw stuff at you’ shots, and generally let you know where to focus. Not too many ‘spinny what the hell is going on’ shots either, which can be really disconcerting.


And yes, there’s a stinger after the credits.

One thought on “Review: Thor

  1. Poor 3D effect – looked like it was not shot in 3D but was “doctored” afterwards.

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